Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Vegetable Garden 2010

I design some stuff for my house landscaping, and I want vegetable garden in the backyard , so this spring around end of April ,hubby built it for me , lucky me, I have handy hubby. Long planters are 3 x 12 ft for growing corn, peas, tomato and chilli pepper.

Small planters are 3 x 4 ft for green such as lettuce spinach, cauliflower and bean.
The medium one in the middle is 4 x 4 ft for herb garden. Because of herb is spread faster so I put black plastic nursery container for planting herb, I put some gravel in the bottom for good drainage. That way herb will not spread around the planter . For soil , I use screened top soil mix ed mushroom compost , cow manure and peat moss. So far I'm so happy with them.