Thursday, March 25, 2010

Wyndham Carseland

My 1st winter trip this year, because I'm little bit busy with plant babies , so I just spent almost all time at home, but it's fun. Our destination is Wyndham Carseland in the Wheatland, just 25 minute drive from home, this place is bird conservatory, so best time to visit there is early spring, summer and early fall. It is by the Bow River and around little forest for bird, also there is an island in the river called Johnson island, just wondering how to get there. When I just entered the gate, there were some little birds, I dont know what bird is, they dont scare of people, they like to perch on our hand, maybe looking for food. We walked on the trail by the river and found some tree trunk covered by wire fence , due to beaver habitat in the river.
The picture of nice sky in early spring, love the color.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring coming

Well, finally spring coming , so excited, little bit busy with indoor planting since last February. Well, I want beautiful garden so I prepare everything. Designing the garden plan and colour of garden and garden theme too. Last year I had great success with front yard garden. So , this year I want more than last year.
I walked little bit , see if something alive in the ground, I was so surprised . My tulips are grow, that is great , because I still mulch them, waiting until early April to remove it, but I guess those tulips can't wait to poke them up.