Wednesday, July 22, 2009



This spring, I wanna plant tomato and chili pepper, because I like hot pepper, so I plant habanero and thai chili. I know that is sound like HOT...!!! But I like it. I started to plant seeds indoor in container. I didn't have any fancy seeding tray, so I used window box planter. One box for tomato and one box for chili. I covered it by saran plastic wrap.The 3 containers are just gladioulous bulb and pink calla lilly.

I planted seeds on April 14th.

After 2 weeks (April 27th) all seeds are germinate.

Even gladioulous and calla lilly are grow, we can
see there is little tiny sprout in the middle of it.

Then 2 weeks later (May 10th), I transplant them into plastic cup, because they looks crowdy and growing slowly if I let them grow in the window box. I make drainage hole in the bottom of plastic cup.Just cut it by scissor. Tomato seedlings are in the back and chilli seedlings are in the front.

Gladiolous and calla lily are grow bigger.

2 weeks later and so, all seedlings grow bigger (May 28th).
I planted green onion, pearl onion and garlic too. I tried to plant sweet pea, I make the seeding pot from newspaper scrap. They grow fast, but I'm not sure when I transplant it outside , because as I know they don't transplant well.Sweet pea is better we sow outside in the garden directly.

(June, 12th) I transplant chili and tomato seedlings into 2 gal pot and 1 gal pot. Before I transplant seedling on it,there are some steps that good for growing tomato on container.I put good quality of potting mix on the base about 4" then put fish (I bought a bag of frozen fish, just small fish and let it stand in room temperature and cut them by 3 pieces each) and crusted egg shell on it , cover with soil about 2", (remove seedling from its pot and remove the first true leaf) set seedling above then add soil until seedling planted above the first true leaf node, this method will encourage strong root. Fish is good amendment as fertilizer for plant and egg shell is good as it contain of calcium for strong stem. I put this organic stuff so I don't have to give them another fertilizer. Put saucer under container, water the plant thoroughly by soaking the soil, make sure don't splash the plant. The good time to watering is in early morning about 6 am or 7 am. As I know that tomato doesn't like wet or too much water, I found the best method to watering, I put a medium glass of water on saucer that keep the soil on container moist and watering from the bottom will encourage strong root growth to get water deeply.

Some seedlings on 1 gal container. My calla lily is bigger so I put it outside to see if this plant will grow better with full sun. Some pest like to flying around tomato and chili, even for calla lily, like aphid.Marigold flower has benefit to plant around veggies, it can keep pest like aphid stay away. I think pest doesn't like smell of marigold.
Pinching tomato sucker
Well, if we live in the north like zone 3, growing season is very short.Plant get sunlight about 3 month between frost. So, we can grow fine fruit without pruning plants. But for growing perfectly if we want to prune, here are a few guidelines (I found this on expert gardener site).
For determinate types, there is no need to prune at all.
For indeterminate types, allow one, two, or three suckers to grow from the base of the plant. Each of these will become a main stem with lots of flowers and fruit. Prune off all the others suckers and provide the plants with strong support. Research has shown that the best time to remove suckers is when they are about 3 to 4 inches long.
For the semi-determinate types, limit your pruning. When the plant is 8 - 10 inches high, look carefully and observe the first flower cluster on the stem. Remove all the suckers below the flower cluster except for the one immediately below the cluster. We may have to go back and give these a second pruning 7 to 10 days later. Remove no more than that or we run the risk of pruning too much.
I planted Sub Arctic Plenty tomato , this is determinate type and I purchased Big Beef tomato seedling from local nursery, this is indeterminate type. So, I just followed the guidlines above. Beside those sucker aren't bothering me.
Look at those green onion and garlic, they grow (yay!). Even the big white onion (I don't know the name of this onion).It grow on the purple pot. Woohooo....

I'm lucky that I have patio east facing. All plant can get sunlight for 6 until 8 hours a day.

July 21st, 2009 . All tomatos and pepper are grow and blooming.
The big beef tomato variety in blooming and bearing fruit.
Big beef tomatos are ripe now.
Some sub arctic plenty tomato are bearing fruit. I like to grow them , but I dont know what should I do with those tomatos, too much, lol.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Old Picture

Old picture, very old he he he. It just webcam effect, but I really like this picture , just like we lived in years ago.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Off Road

March 2009

It was still winter time, but it wasn't slippery and so much fun.

I took this picture when we driving.
Beautiful. Looks like long long drive he he he
June 2009

It was in McLean, it was more than 30 jeeps, we were just about ready to go after to do some registration.

We were there for some training how to do all stuff and safety matter.

This jeep need to take a bath he he.

Nice park !!!!

Field of Dandelions.....

Where am I ? Help , help !!! I'm in the middle of nowhere.... Run

PC guy

Well, check this out how is the PC guy working

Monday, July 13, 2009

Wedding Decoration

Well, it was on February, but it is Ok I post this event right now. This is what I want for wedding decoration, simple and sweet. I decorated all that stuff by my self, and Mom helped me too.

This is for dinner, I used tulle, calla lily silk flower , and white ribbon.

Centerpiece , I used white tulip, because it is mean pure love.

Wedding cake, of course I order this one he he he. I love the topper. Looks elegan.

I make this ring bearer by my self. It is easy to make this little pillow.

My bouquet. I like calla lily , this flower is mean majestic beauty. So, this is match with white tulip.

This is where I say 'I do' . Decoration on the top and side of arch are silk flower and white ribbon. I put a pot with bunch of tulips n calla lily for each side of arch and I used tulle to cover the arch.


Birthday, hmmmm what am I gonna do. And surprise..... My husband take me to go picnic in the park by downtown. I like picnic, bring some fruit, and feel the breeze around trees. Then touch the river , how cold the water is.

Bow river by downtown. My hubby ask me to walk in the river with him, and whooaaaaa..... brrrrrr.... so cold for the first couple minutes, then after that it is fun.

Mom make this cake for my birthday. Wonderful. Thanks Mom. Yummy....