Thursday, August 13, 2009

Flower Garden 2009

Flowerbed in the front side with a little rock garden, lol. I plant allysum for the border, also for bed along the driveway. I love it, everytime I visit my little garden or even just stand up around, I can smell really nice honey fragrant. All those plants are sweet william, baby blue eyes, campanula, marigold, scarlet flax, lily, chrysanthemums, aster alpinus, geranium and a lot more. Wait , what is that, ghost or black shadow with camera ha ha ha. By the porch are gladiolus. In the south side, I plant some perennial for sun loving such as rudbeckia, coneflower , russian sage , hollyhock ( just sprouting ), ninebark and lilacs.
Little rock garden with some creeping plants such as creeping thyme, baby's breath, blue fescue, coralbell, hakonechloa macra aureola and campanula in the backside.

Baby's breath in full bloom.
Fire in the garden he he he, just marigold with sunset light.

Flower bed in back side, maybe I need more plants.
My new container garden he he he, I planted thos flowers from cutting, I tried to propagate flower by softwood cutting using media and rooting hormone, and I made it. Free flower ...

Home Decoration

Living Room
Decoration use ceramic vase and ornamental flower craft , it give oriental touch.

My birthday gift from mom, this is Calla Lily ( Zanthedeschia Elliottiana ). It make living room look elegan because of the flower meaning.