Sunday, October 4, 2009

Honey and Coconut Milk for rooting hormone

Honey is good stuff for our life, we use honey for health care, cooking, also good to mix on tea or milk. So, I'm sure people need honey for their life and we always have stock of honey in pantry. Also for coconut milk, we use it for cooking , especially Asian dish.
This time , I'm gonna try use honey and coconut milk for propagating plant as rooting hormone.I use geranium cutting for experiment , because geranium is one of the easiest plant for propagating. The 1st plant dip in honey mixed with boiled water ( let it cool ). The ratio is 1/2 tbsp honey and 1 cup water. I put the lable with pink paper. The 2nd plant dip in honey mixed with cold water. I put lable with blue paper. The ratio is 1/2 tbsp honey and 1 cup water.

The 3rd plant dip in coconut milk mixed with water. I put the lable with green paper. Ratio is 1 tsp coconut milk and 1 cup cold water.
Let those plants uncover, put in bright room but indirect sunlight.

After 5 days, the water looks browniesh, it looks like debris on it. Plants still look fresh.
Let see closer, the 1st plant looks browniesh in the bottom right on leaf bud.
The 2nd plant also looks browniesh on the leaf bud.
The 3rd plant looks better of all, water looks clean and plant looks fresh too.
So, I repot them to 4 inch pots, and keep in indirect sunlight.
This is what I get after 20 days. The 3rd plant with coconut milk for rooting hormone ( green paper ) is the best one of all. The 1st and 2nd plant with honey for rooting hormone are dead, they wilt and rot. So, by this experiment , I can say that honey is not the best stuff for rooting hormone, and I prefer coconut milk for it. But we still can get comercial rooting hormone by cheap, so as long as it still available in store , better use it.