Thursday, July 22, 2010

June and July blooming

What's blooming in June? Well, a lot. I did not expect any blooming for perennial, because most perenial will blooming in its second year, but I'm lucky, maybe because I choose easy growing perennial , I even started them last March from seed. Sweet pea , ornamental allium, agastache start blooming.
Aster alpinus on its second year, multiply readily and blooming a lot, campanula carpatica started indoor last January, wee willy from saved seed last year, gomphrena started indoor last February.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

July update in vegetable garden

Herb garden in first week of July, everything grow good, I grow parsley, chive, sage, sweet basil, lime basil, lavender , mint, thyme, they are growing in the black plastic nursery , so they don't take over the entire planter box, and look neat. Onion , garlic and strawberry are growing around them. Poppy is growing in the corner and echinacea is in the other corner. Bees and butterfly look busy in this area.
I sowed corn seed on June 2nd, they grow fast almost catching up some corn that grow earlier indoor. Sunflower grow in each back corner. Zuchinni grow in the front corner and the middle of planter.
Pea pods and sugar snap peas are climbing the trellis I built using twine on the iron rod and bamboo stake. In the front row are Early great Lake Head lettuce, carrot, beet, swiss chard, for interplanting I plant radish and green onion around carrot. But since onion is bad companion planting for peas , so I plant onion about 2 month later after peas start climbing the trellis.

Cucumber with radish for companion plant. I built cucumber trellis using bamboo stake and put it on 50 deg angle, so when cucumber get mature provide shade for lettuce. Beet, nasturtium, green onion, calendula grow here.
Bush bean, grand rapids lettuce and spinach.

1st batch of beet, head lettuce, carrot and green onion. Beet need thinning when they grow around 4 " tall, and use the green for salad or stir fry.
I don't plant this , but it keep pop up around the garden, and I keep it grow , it looks like kale or chinese brocolli and it look yummy too, lol. Does anyone know what is it ?

Bright Light Swiss chard. Good for stir fry. I keep harvest them for my self and give away to my neighbour and friend , but it keep growing nicely, the leaf even bigger.
Spinach ready to harvest. Yum yummy...

Ipomoea Aquatica. In south east Asia like Indonesia and malaysia, it called kangkong or kangkung, it is very popular on spicy stir fry.
Tomato, Long bean, onion, calendula, parsley, mint grow here. Parsley and mint improve flavour for tomato, calendula and onion to keep pest away. But keep onion more than 1 ft away from bean.

I plant little blue chili pepper, cayenne, habanero and green bell pepper. Onion, marigold , calendula, basil grow here for companion planting to keep pest away.
Honey bicolor sweet corn grow by the back porch with sunflower , long bean and zuchinni. Lavatera grow in the back row. Golden Bantam corn and super sweet corn grow in the other side by the nook. I planted them earlier indoor on the cocopeat pot to see the different between indoor seedling and direct sowing.

June harvest

Vegetable garden on June 26th, something is ready to harvest.

My first harvest was little blue chilli, chayenne, green onion, and swiss chard , I cooked it for stir fry, hmmm yummy.
2nd harvest on June, grand rapid lettuce, spinach, little tiny strawberry, parsley, green onion.
Cherry belle radish, my husband made cheese spread for sandwich, chopped radish with sour cream and ricotta cheese. yummy...