Sunday, August 14, 2011

Fairy garden

This is my little secret garden, I built the fairy house my self, also swing, bench, and hammock. The back shade in the corner by kitchen window and nook is the perfect place to build this garden. My little gnome is so happy with his little property.

This is my pride delphinium, I planted it from seed two years ago, and now it grow 7 ft tall.

The flowing rock as dry creek. I call it my secret fairy garden because it is hiding behind two mature red currant shrub, people will not notice if I didn't show them about the little world beyond it.

Dry creek was after rain, it was really something beautiful, because I built it but acctually nature make it perfect.

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  1. I really loved the garden. One time I was also planning to have one at the corner of my house. I had planned to sow Goji Berry and sell Goji Berry Juice as a business. But due to some reasons I dropped my plan. Now I sell natural juices worldwide but unfortunately the sources are not belonging to my garden. One day I''ll have my garden as just shown in the picture. Thank you for sharing!